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Finance Options

Payment methods that suit you

Incuvet customers now benefit from the opportunity to lease or hire purchase vital veterinary equipment. We’ve partnered with Lease UK, who specialise in providing finance for veterinary supplies and related products.

Get in touch with us today to discover the right financing solution for you.


Why choose finance?

Fixed costs.

Leasing provides you with the security of a fixed monthly repayment scheme. You know exactly what is going out of your account each time, which is extremely important when successfully sticking to a budget.


Secured against equipment, not anything else.

Unlike other forms of lending, leasing does not affect your future borrowing capabilities. If there’s ever a situation where you can’t repay, the finance is secured against the leased equipment, so you never risk any other assets.


Immediate return on investment.

When paying upfront, your return on investment could take months, even years. However, leasing and paying a small monthly fee over a period of time means that you instantly see the benefits in your bank account.


Preservation of working capital.

We understand that maintaining a healthy business depends on a good cash flow. Purchasing equipment outright ties up your valuable cash reserves in a depreciating asset. Meanwhile, leasing keeps the bulk of your capital free, so you can invest elsewhere in your business.


How does it work?

1. Spot something you like.

Browse our website to discover essential products that could improve your business.


2. Contact us for a quote.

We create a quote for you and pass your details to Lease UK.


3. Discuss your finance options.

Lease UK gets in touch with you to determine your best finance options.


4. Receive your items.

After finance has been arranged and confirmed, we deliver your new equipment. Your payments won’t begin until after your products arrive.


5. Pay monthly.

Enjoy peace of mind as you break down the costs of your new equipment into easy-to-manage monthly instalments.


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