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Rcom Reptile Brooder Max (Small)

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The Rcom Reptile Pavilion Brooder MX-BS700R is designed as an intensive care unit for reptile patients. ...

  • Integral UV lamp with easy control feature
  • Digital Display
  • Double-wall insulation technology for infrared radiation and carbon heating
  • Water tank made of Teflon material for prevention of bug moss
  • Light control feature
Suitable for:
suitable for reptiles
Rcom Reptile Brooder Max (Small)
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Rcom Reptile Brooder Max (Small)
Rcom Reptile Brooder Max (Small)
Rcom Reptile Brooder Max (Small)
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Optional Extras

The Rcom Reptile Pavilion Brooder MX-BS700R is designed as an intensive care unit for reptile patients.

The MAIN benefit of the BS700R is its integral UV lamp, which creates a temperature gradient enabling reptiles to self-regulate their body temperature.

The internal capacity of the BS700R is 60L. If you require a reptile brooder with a larger capacity, see the large reptile brooder (BL700R).

NOTE: this unit is not compatible with oxygen delivery. For this facility see PET BROODER ICUs.

Primary Benefits

  • Integral UV lamp with easy control feature
  • Automatic control and settings for temperature & humidity
  • Alarm function in case of abnormal temperature
  • Built-in water humidity pump for humidification
  • Built-in PTC heated humidity unit to kill germs
  • Integral air filter which removes indoor dust
  • Antibiotic/Deodorising air filter

 Other Features

  • 2-level unit stacking option
  • Modular assembly for exceptionally easy repair and replacement of parts
  • Large window for clear visibility
  • Removable brooding tray for easy cleaning
  • Rotary door for easy access
  • Reduced fan noise to provide a better and pleasant environment
  • Made from anti-microbial plastics for optimum hygiene


Large Display  Built in UV Light  Stackable 
Large screen for optimum simplicity and ease-of-use. Internal UV light with easy control These units can be stacked one on top of the other when used with the Build-racks for better and optimised use of space.


Product name RCOM BIRD BROODER BL500
Model No.  MX-BL500
Power supply voltage AC 100 ~ 120V / 200 ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Average 75W
Temperature control range 20°C ~ 38°C |68°F  ~ 100.4°F
External environment temperature Room required to be 20 ~ 25°C | 68 ~ 77°F
Humidity control range  MAX 60% (R.H.)
External environmental humidity   MAX 60% (R.H.)
 Weight 9KG (Net weight) | 13KG (Packaged weight) 
Size External W655  x L470 x H 440mm
Internal (Capacity) W 410 x L400 x H 390 mm 


Function / Model No.  MX-B90N/MX-B60N MX-BL500/MX-BS500 MX-BS700R/MXL700R
Display  Digital Display Digital Display Digital Display
Air temperature indicator 
Automatic humidity emission
Humidity system (Display Range: MAX. 60%)
Nebuliser & Oxygen tank inlet
Large viewing window for ease of observation
Alarm for abnormal high temperature
Removable brooding tray for ease of access and clean up
LED Interior light  5 Stage dimmer 10 Stage dimmer
UV Lamp 
Waste Tray
Air filter
Anion Function 
Incupet Deionised Water 5Ltr

Incupet deionised water. Add to any Rcom or Curadle incubator instead of tap water in order to prevent the build-up of harmful limescale, and prolong the useful working life of the machine....

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Price excludes VAT
Total price: £9.95 (inc. VAT)
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